What we do

We provide the Right Capital for the Right Price at the Right Time!

In order for 2nd stage Black/Brown/Rural founders in MN to thrive and have long-term sustainable growth we believe that these founders need integrated capital (grants, debt, equity), curated resources and culturally responsive support to support their exponential growth as a business and as a person. This thesis guides our work!

All funds are reinvested to help more businesses!

We Provide

  • Patient flexible hybrid capital
  • Capital planning
  • Fractional executive support
  • Teach entrepreneurs how to ‘to fish’ to develop and implement finance and operational systems for themselves.

Who We Serve

  • Black, Brown, and Rural Founders in Minnesota
  • Established business, 3+ years old
  • Revenue-generating for 24+ months
  • Have a capital demand under $100,000

Outcomes We Value

  • Happiness/Satisfaction 
  • Confidence 
  • Next investment readiness (mentally and financially)
  • Paying themselves 
  • Increase in revenue
  • Increase in staff/capacity

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